Ceiling Track Hoists



If you have limited mobility, there is no doubt a ceiling track hoist provides a safe and easy way of moving from one area of your property to another.  They are ideal in the way that they don't take up any floor space, as all track fittings are fixed to the ceiling. So you don't have any intrusive equipment to navigate around, which is beneficial if you use a wheelchair or other mobility devices.


Having a Hoist System Fitted

A ceiling track hoist system has many variables, so it can be quite daunting if you are not familiar with them to know exactly what it is you require.  For this very reason, it is often very difficult to give you an accurate price as each track tends to be individual.  Therefore at First Blue Mobility, we like to discuss your individual needs and assess the room where the hoist will be fitted, before giving you a free non-obligatory quote.

Our hoist price range from £1,500 for a Manual 3 metre Hoist and anything up to £15,000 for more complicated H systems with transgates.

Ceiling Track Hoists

Straight Ceiling Lift  

A few questions we need to know for installation

Will the track be straight? Or will it need to have bends?

A straight rail will always be cheaper. This is because they are much easier to fit. Track length is the easiest variable to quantify. The shorter the track, the cheaper the hoist will be.  

Ceiling Track Hoists

H Ceiling Hoist Prices 

XY hoists are used when there are multiple transfer points in one room. We often install them in bathrooms and changing facilities. Sometimes they are referred to as XY Frame hoists. These hoists are generally easier to install than fitting tracks with bends, junctions or turntables. For this reason they are usually cheaper. 

A simple 3-metre x 3-metre H system would cost between £2,000 and £3,000. 

Ceiling Track Hoists

What Is The Difference Between Manual Traverse and Powered Traverse?

A manual traverse hoist requires a carer to move you along the track manually. Many carers prefer this as they find it easier to get you in the right position. The manual version is often called a 2-way hoist. (Up and Down) 

Powered traverse lifts, also known as a 4-way hoist, move up, down, right and left. 

The powered option would usually add £100 to £200 to the price. 


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