Residential Elevators and Home LiftsResidential Elevators and Home Lifts
Specialist provider of home lift solutions.
Residential Elevators and Home LiftsResidential Elevators and Home Lifts
Specialist provider of home lift solutions.

Residential Elevators and Home Lifts

Residential and Home lifts, also known as through the floor lifts, can be a great feature for your home and a substitute for stairlifts. A stairlift may not always be the most desired solution for your home mobility needs, however our lift solutions will make you the envy of your neighbourhood.

They have the advantage of allowing installation in almost any area of your home. For example, they can simply transport you from your downstairs hall to the upstairs landing. They’re even able to take you from a basement garage all the way through to your converted attic. Home lifts can travel across multiple floors with no problem at all! You’re also able to travel in pairs or in your wheelchair without compromise.

Our lift solutions don’t just have practical benefits – they can also be aesthetically pleasing in design. They can also have less impact within a multi-user household, whilst adding value to your property. Although installation of a home lift can take a little longer, it doesn’t mean you’ll have major structural changes. We can install modern home lifts easily without too much disruption.

First Blue Mobility are proud to work with the leading home lift manufacturers. Our lift solutions also come with our 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

Our trained surveyors will be able to quickly survey your home and advise you on the best solution.

Residential Elevators and Home Lifts

Luxury To Suit Your Lifestyle

Our trusted partners have been designing and manufacturing home lifts in the UK for 35 years. Our Residential Elevator provides smooth and quiet through-floor travel and is an impressive addition to any home.

Our range of home lifts has been created to suit different needs and budgets using knowledge gleaned from users, healthcare professionals and our own experience.

Typically installing your home lifts takes 1 – 2 days and there should be no requirement to redecorate once your home lift is installed.

Residential Elevators and Home Lifts

Stylish Design

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes, the Residential Elevator is available in a range of sizes and with travel distance up to 4.2 metres. With an option to allow wheelchair access our range ensures mobility throughout your home for all.

Our home lifts come in a range of sizes to suit individual needs as well as the available space in your home. It travels on elegant vertical elevator rails that means when the lift is not in the room you can enjoy all of your living space.

Residential Elevators and Home Lifts

Durable and Robust

Manufactured to the highest safety standards and with a range of optional extras, our Residential Elevator is the ultimate choice for adding value to your lifestyle at home.

In the unfortunate event of a power cut, your home lift has a dedicated battery back-up which will always return to the ground floor where you can exit the car using a manual release.

We can offer stairlift solutions which can accommodate users up to 40 stone.

Available options for your Elevator

  • Traction drive: To allow smooth and quieter travel across your floors and soft start and stop actions.
  • Bespoke Design: Our self-contained units offer smaller footprints, higher travel distances and an elegant and clean frame with large vision panels LED lighting. Optional extras include mood lighting and in car telephone.
  • Safety Features: The cars come with safety sensor/edges installed, Emergency lowering system located beside the lift and Elegant and clean frame with large vision panels LED lighting.
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Unbeatable Care Package

Every single one of our new straight and curved stairlifts comes with:

  • FREE 3 year service plan
  • 24/7 Breakdown cover
  • Unscheduled call outs
  • Parts included
  • Batteries

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