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Stairlift Price Guide

Here at First Blue Mobility we want to make buying a stairlift as stress and hassle-free as possible, so let's start by looking at how stairlifts are priced. 

How much does a stairlift cost?

The 2020 Which survey of stairlift owners revealed that the average price paid for a new stairlift was £3,284. The average for a straight stairlift was £2,580 and for a curved stairlift this increased to an average of £4,217.

First Blue Mobility is committed to providing quality stairlifts at competitive prices. That's why you’ll be pleased to know that our straight stairlift prices start from £1590 and curved stairlifts start from £3299, which is still well under the national average price.

Factors that affect stairlift pricing

All homes are different some more than others, however, most stairlifts can be fitted with little to no adjustments to the basic staircase. The main factor that determines the price of a stairlift is whether your staircase is straight or curved or if you require an outdoor stairlift.

Curved stairlifts require extra planning and will need a customised track that reflects the curves of your staircase. This requires more planning and installation time which is reflected in the price.

Straight stairlifts tend to be a lot cheaper than curved ones, with the build, in most cases being more straightforward and therefore quicker to install.

Outdoor stairlifts tend to cost more than a basic stairlift because they are designed with special features which will make them more durable and able to cope with life outdoors.

Other factors that affect the price:
  • If special adjustments are required to enable your stairlift to be fitted correctly for example, radiators may need to be moved or other alterations needed.
  • Choosing optional extras and modifications.
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